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All About Ozone Group

Established in 2015, Ozone Group was formed to offer an easy and convenient way of ordering Residential Energy Performance Certificates for both the property market and the ECO sector.

Our main objective was to make the ordering process easy and cost effective for our customers. We have spent a lot of time in studying factors like, where the ordering process becomes complicated? What increases the cost of an EPC when the fees for issuing a certificate remains fixed across platforms?

The solution was to form a unique ordering process and calendar control by avoiding outsourcing. The cost of an EPC increases when outsourced to independent assessors out of the chain. Keeping this in mind, the Ozone group was formed when the ECO sector was concluding.

We launched our platform with 2 assessors covering only a very few postcodes with one of the ECO sector installers. Soon the potential of the platform was realized by assessors who were willing to join us share the work and take control of their own calendars. From the point of producing literally a handful of orders, we started getting contracts from the property market who used to order EPCs through web-based outsourcing platforms.

Our Ethos was to always keep the cost of an EPC down to the market lowest price and avoid the complicated ordering process based on the type and size of the property. Our prices were tailored to independent as well as bulk ordering clients. This increased our client base and we had 6 new contracts with nationwide estate agents in the first year.

From the point of covering a very few postcodes we have increased our coverage area and a handful of orders increased to hundreds a month.

Honesty, integrity, and commitment are the factors that keep us directly above our competitors. We only commit to what we could achieve in the real world.

We strongly keep the following in mind when dealing with our customers. Whether it is an independent web order or nationwide client.

  • If the customer has a choice, then we should be the best choice.
  • If the customer has an urgency, so should we.
  • We exist because of our customers.

The above values have helped us adding one more product to our services. Floor Plans. We have developed our own platform for Floor plan Creation whether it is to apply for a residential letting license or marketing your property for sales.

If you need an EPC or a Floor plan within our coverage area, whether it is one single order or an ongoing business order for your customers feel free to get in touch with us. You will always receive the following with our consistent values.

  • 24-hour trackable online service.
  • 48-hour turnaround times for all the orders.
  • Floor Plans and EPCs issued on the same day of the survey.